Sony Alpha 7 II Remote

With Sakura you can connect your Android smartphone/tablet to your Sony Camera via Wi-Fi, set exposure parameters, remotely capture photos and videos, and transfer files to your mobile device. From within the integrated file browser you can share your files via email or social media.

To get an overview of the user interface even without a camera, you can try out the app through the demo mode. This will also give you the opportunity to browse the Unsplash gallery using Picsum.Photos.

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As it is an independently developed project, resources were limited and so far it has only been tested using a Sony Alpha 7 M2. However, any Wi-Fi enabled Sony camera should be supported. For best compatibility please check if your camera runs the latest version of the Smart Remote Control app. Depending on the camera model the functionality can vary.

Touchscreen Focus
White Balance
Self Timer
Continuous Shooting Mode
Video Capture
Program Shift
Shutter Speed
± EV
File transfer: JPG, RAW, MP4

A convenient feature for the use in photo studios: the 10” tablet mode. The user interface is aligned horizontally and uses the given space of the screen in an optimal way.

The development of Sakura started with high requirements: The app should have a high optical quality, pixel perfect icons, an intuitive and scalable user interface with a dedicated 10" tablet mode, different color themes, subtle animations and of course a clean code base. With the self-developed Android Framework Cinder, these goals were not only achieved in the end, but the framework itself was constantly improved and expanded during development.